1. 5. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

    This was summer. I don't care who you are... you've heard this song and enjoyed this song. There is something about it.

    4. The Shins – Simple Song

    The video for this song is pretty right on. The song in itself feels like you're getting on a ship and sailing off somewhere else. Great guitar track.

    3. Jack White – I’m Shakin'

    Jack White is the best when he is simple. This is a simple, fun, catchy, and rockin' song.

    2. Jai Paul - Jasmine

    Of all the genres and music that has gained some kind of prevalence this year, Jai Paul seems like a combination of the best parts of music right now on this track. It's lovely. 

    1. EL-P - The Full Retard

    The world was supposed to end this year according to a long dead group of people who also played soccer with human heads. This song would be the song that you would play as the world ended. It is the perfect accompaniment. El-P's efforts this year were all great. He produced, rapped, and was involved with a lot of what was the best this year. 

    You all probably disagree with my list. So show me yours. Happy 2013 dorks. 


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  2. 10. Spiritualized - Hey Jane
    When he decides to release a single, he releases an almost 9 minute song. It's great, Spiritualized always is. And the accompanying video (which I did not post because you should listen to the song before watching) is just as great. 

    9. Danny Brown - Grown Up
    Danny Brown has been on the cusp of the underground for a long time. He features on a lot of tracks and is always featured on lists of "best MCs". He really broke out this year and did some great stuff. This song is fun and he shows his rhyme skills here. 

    8. Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless
    This song provides you with a mantra. Follow it. Whiney, fuzzy guitars, swirling around and awesome. 

    7. Kanye West, "Mercy" [ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz]
    "Trap" music was kind of huge this year for hip hop. There is a reason why Kanye West is rich and successful. He does things better than everyone else. 

    6. Stepson - Movie Tit
    Seems like everything El-P touched turned to gold this year. This collaboration with Nick Diamonds features the anxiety inducing sounds El-P makes and is hard to define as anything but a great listen. 


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  3. 14. Larry Gus: Contours Sway
    Until The Avalanches release another album, I look for my sample heavy, dreamscape, electronic, music elsewhere. This is a short jaunt into what I think would be a party where someone hands you a glass of champagne and you say "right on".

    13. Death Grips: I’ve Seen Footage

    People debate how serious of a group Death Grips actually are. I could see how it would be an awesome joke... but there is something to this noise being made here. 

    12. Usher - Climax

    Shut up. Listen to it. His falsetto and the climbing production on this song is well worth a listen. Is it just Usher trying to keep in step with Frank Ocean? Perhaps... but he crushes it here on this song. 

    11. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

    She released a perfect teenage pop love song at the age of 26. The song is catchy and spawned a lot of stupid videos, one of which I am in the background of because some assholes were filming it while I was on the train.

    10. Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

    Seems like indie rock has either been electronica or Ty Segall lately. This whole album is a nice psychedelic ride with incredible production. This song hits so hard. 


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  4. 20: Dan Deacon: Lots
    This song is a great landscape of sound. Hard to describe in words. So listen to it.  

    19. Killer Mike: Big Beast
    Ahhhhhhhhh, good hardcore rap reminiscent of 90's era badass-ness

    18. Kendrick Lamar: Backseat Freestyle
    This guy has a lot of hype and for good reason. This album is great. This particular track is my favorite from him. It's intense with a good beat and he has a swagger that hasn't become Kanye West-annoying yet.

    17. Phosphorescent: Song For Zula
    This song should be higher up on the list, but I like it here at 17. It starts off quoting Johnny Cash and kinds of flows into a beautiful song where you don't know if you should be sad or happy. 

    16.  Metz: Dirty Shirt
    This bad captures a sound that is raw and awesome. I love this band and album right now

    15. Parquet Courts: Stoned and Starving

    Something about a song about wandering around stoned looking for food with a Dinosaur Jr. like charm and sound to it that makes the year good. 


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